Hook Up Culture Research

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I do not agree that millennials are part of the "hook culture". I feel as though hooking up has been around back then and not just now. Although it is known as the college thing to do, I believe that most people want a relationship and not just some hook up all the time. Even in the article it said "both men and women reported that they would rather have a traditional dating relationship than simply a hook-up". I am not saying that everyone thinks like this, some people are into hook ups which is fine. I mean if you are both single with no kids go for it. I feel that the younger generations coming up view hooking up as the cool thing to do, they don't really understand the seriousness of a relationship (once again this is not towards every adolescent). I think a lot of this hooking up scenerio comes from social media like facebook, instagram and snapchat. A lot of individuals care more about how many followers they have than their education or just living life.
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