The Effect of Personal Selling in Marketing of It Product in Nigeria Using Vangage Ltd as a Case Study

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THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PERSONAL SELLING IN THE MARKETING OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PRODUCT IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF VANGAGE LTD) APPROVAL PAGE This DEDICATION This work is dedicated to my parents for all their love and support. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I like to acknowledge my supervisor Mr Udo former HOD of the department of Marketing Rivers State Poly technique Bori, for taking the pains to guide me in this research work despite his busy schedule. I also appreciate my coordinator Mr Grend who insisted that I take my study seriously and took the necessary disciplinary step to ensure I was constantly present for lectures. And also all the…show more content…
BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Every marketing manager ought to have sales persons beside him who have thorough knowledge of what personal selling is about. The increasing prominent of identifying them as the focus of a firm’s existence has made it imperative for marketing organization to go for more sales persons. Personal selling is dynamic, flexible and volatile. Traditionally, it is mainly associated with commercial transactions which passed through distinct eras that are characterized as, the eras of the early traders, the American peddlers and the era of the professional sales people. The early traders exist in most ancient cities. Some of these earliest states based the primary portion of their economics on trading with other communities. Traders typically have the ownership of the goods being sold, manufactured either by themselves or their immediate families. At times, they perform their marketing functions like, transportations, and storage, in addition to selling obligations. Also, the American peddlers of the colonial era enable them sell their goods to the then settlers. Most of these setters were immigrants who view their respective jobs as one of the available means of getting a fresh start in a new country. Professional selling started shortly after the world war 11. The economy switched from the previous situation of sellers’ market to that of buyers’ market in which goods were plentiful in supply. The industrial revolution of the 17th

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