How Are Museum Curators Incorporating New Technology Into Exhibitions Encourage Participation From A Younger Generations Of Americans?

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Abigail Fisher
I202 Final Assignment
May 4, 2015

Research Question:
How are museum curators incorporating new technology into exhibits to enhance participation from a younger generations of Americans?
According to an article written by the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory museums across the United States are feeling more and more inclined to move toward interactive exhibits. In order to do so, they are beginning to incorporate technologies into a visitor’s experience (Future). Therefore, this incorporation of technology and experience is directly related to the study of social informatics.
Traditionally, research for museum exhibits has come from the fields of cognitive and behavioural sciences to look at the pull that visitor’s may feel towards a certain exhibit and how well the visitor was able to obtain knowledge from the exhibit (Lehn). Now, social informatics, the interdisciplinary study of the relationship between information technology and society, is also being used within the museum culture in order to understand how much better a visitor experience can be when done with technology. It also, however, raises the question of best for whom? The largest selection of patrons to museums generally are from the baby boomer generation with younger generations of Americans being the smallest section of museum participators. How can technology encourage the young without alienating the old?

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