How Brands Gain Successful Exposure On The Market, And The Way They Build Relationships With Consumers

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The main aim of this study was to investigate the ways brands gain successful exposure in the market, and the way they build relationships with consumers. Upon researching, it was found that there are certain brands that do not necessarily follow the current advised procedures for this practice. One of these brands is Apple Inc., and being one of the most cherished brands of all times, it was decided that an investigation on its consumers’ behaviour would possibly shed light over the research question: “Are there exceptions to the current rules in the practice of brand communications and exposure?”. To be able to raise the hypothesis of the exception, the current procedures for successful brand exposure and communications, were examined and analysed, and then compared to the survey’s results on Apple’s consumers’ opinions.

The review of literature has provided important information on how the 21st century market is shaped and influenced by the digital technologies. It was observed that the direct effect derived from the cultural transformation of the digital ages, has created new ways of receiving information and new forms of communication amongst people. Consequently, it has also altered relationships between brands and consumers.

Most experts are suggesting that brands should adjust according to the new rules of the market, which imply that online existence is essential for achieving successful brand communications and

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