How Can an Organization Use an Intranet to Achieve Knowledge Sharing among Its Employees?

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Organizations can effectively use the intranet to achieve knowledge sharing within it. According to Robertson (2004), the intranet can provide a dynamic living environment necessary for knowledge sharing. This aspect is also supported by Averweg (2011) who states that knowledge management involves the contribution of knowledge in organizations especially in the sharing of knowledge in informal infrastructure, essentially through communities of structure. Organizations can enable this through the acquisition of necessary infrastructure for the same. Essentially, the intranet contains technology tools that support knowledge sharing.

Robertson (2004) further emphasizes the significance of intranet in knowledge sharing by stating how …show more content…

People can place ideas on platforms and these will progressively be modified or rejected but overall knowledge sharing is encouraged (Mpindiwa 2010). Cultural change is critical in the effectiveness of the intranet as a knowledge management tool and organizations can achieve this through the involvement of its staff in design and implementation of the platform, which will promote the culture and drive to use the intranet and hence lead to better knowledge acquisition (Oyekan 2007).

The intranet should be designed and tailored to provide for knowledge management needs. Here technology can essentially be used on a push and pull basis where the ‘push’ aspect of the technology provides for the dissemination of information to the employees and the ‘pull’ aspect enables the obtaining of information from the same employees. The organizations can basically enable these functions by obtaining the relevant infrastructure; this infrastructure can then utilize a standard Internet browser for the platform on which the organization can perform its functions (Averweg 2008).

Overall, I believe that the intranet function should typically enable communication and collaboration and organizations can achieve this through sending and reception of faxes, creating discussion rooms as well as chat rooms. This can also be supported by the use of

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