How Did Morrie's Tuesdays With Morrie Embraced Aging

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In Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie felt like as you age and begin your life you don't think about always enjoying life and living to the fullest. Morrie lived his life to the fullest and he's life with aging. As Morrie aged he saw how much he enjoyed his life. He also wouldn't want to go back to his young age and relive it. As Morrie told mitch, "I had my time in my thirties, now it's my time to be seventy-eight. Morrie wasn't upset to age he enjoyed it. Morrie enjoys because he gets to look back and see all the things he accomplished and all the memories. He has so many so experience he doesn't want to take back. Morrie has embraced aging. Morrie had lived his life to it's fullest potential. Morrie realized he was going to age and just had to
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