How Do People Communicate?

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COM 403 Contemporary Communications in a Diverse Society

How Do People Communicate?
People communicate with each other through speech, eye contact, touch, gestures, facial expressions, drawing, writing, or text messages. As such, people communicate by thinking about the information they would like to share, encoding it, and sharing it through written, nonverbal or verbal means directly to their audience who then decodes such information. Through verbal communication, people speak and listen to a message, which contains non-verbal cues, for example, facial expression and posture, tone of voice, as well as handwriting style. It is estimated that 55 percent of all human communication involves nonverbal facial expressions.
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For example, posture can communicate confidence or fear. The non-verbal cues must thus match the speaker’s words to ensure clarity in the communication process. As such, much of a person’s communication involves the ability to use and understand body language or nonverbal communication. Therefore, a combination of visual communication, verbal communication, body language, and other communication cues helps the listener to understand one’s perspective and point of view. They also make the message clearer as possible in addition to mitigating jargon as well as unnecessary information.
For all the communication cues to work properly, the audience needs to make sense of such cues through emotional intelligence. Further, the cues work together for message clarity and provide the missing information. The cues work together by creating an opportunity for debate, build communication relationships and stimulate creativity and thought. Verbal communication works together with other forms of communication to create a synergy that reinforces and complements, emphasizes, substitutes, and contradicts with the vocal reflection, expressions, and gestures for communication purposes.
Stages of the Communication Process
The communication process consists of various interrelated steps through which the message is send from one person and received by the other. The communication process starts with the sender transmitting an opinion, idea, fact, or other information to the

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