How Has On The Natural Foods Channel?

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Q1. How has Natureview succeeded in the natural foods channel? Natureview has succeeded in the natural foods channel over the usage of sales brokers that send its yogurt to natural food stores. Nature View has prospered by apprehending 25% of the natural food market. To cement the success, the company has planned to raise the sales of its 8 grain and 32-ounce portions and to create apportion diversity by introducing the children multi-pack. Besides, the company’s focus on the 8-oz and 32-oz, the sizes that were not being offered by other companies, made Nature view to effectively compete with other established companies that ultimately granted it breakthrough in the market. In the natural food channel, Natureview’s brand had 45% share that was attained through the company’s unique quantity of packaging. The company constrained itself within the already available marketing budget that significantly cut down the cost that could have used to advertise the new company plans, that in turn increased the revenues. The company also succeeds due to the unique flavor that it offered in the yoghurt, which was organic and naturally made unlike the competitors who at time incorporated artificial flavors. Finally the company focused on the target consumer group that comprised of women and children. This helped the company to increase its sales that contributed to its success. Q2. What are the two primary types of growth strategies under consideration by Natureview? Natureview is

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