How Insulin Helps Maintain Blood Levels Essay

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My report is about Insulin and if a person intakes too much would it create type 2 diabetes.

As most information on Type 2 Diabetes states that insulin helps maintain blood levels that are high in glucose and that an overdose can create dangerously low glucose levels in your blood (hypoglycemia). But can it also create Type 2 Diabetes if a person intakes too much insulin. This report will show how insulin can create Type 2 Diabetes by intaking too much insulin. Type 2 Diabetes in New Zealand is increasing yearly and has over 156,000 people diagnosed with this chronic sickness. And this is caused by New Zealanders eating too much junk food and doing no physical activity. This then results to obesity, and as many states obesity is one of the most common conditions that can develop Type 2 Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is an issue because even though you 're obese, you are most likely to get Type 2 Diabetes and this makes your life span shorter. In New Zealand we already have too many deaths yearly and around 2,500 of those deaths are produced by Type 2 Diabetes. New Zealand has an overwhelming number of people that have Type 2 Diabetes, would that also be the number of deaths in New Zealand.

Type 2 Diabetes is when the body is not creating enough insulin to keep blood glucose levels at a maintained level. Tissue cells from muscle, fat and the liver are all created to take glucose out of the blood and pull it into the cells and produce it into energy. These cells require insulin
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