How Is the Relationship between Benedick and Beatrice Presented in Shakespeare’s Play and One or More Performed Versions?

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Much Ado About Nothing presents a picturesque love story between two characters that meet us as individuals full of hate, and leave us as an inseparable pair. These two characters are Benedick and Beatrice and act to us as sweethearts who have fallen deeply and passionately IN love in a way that we would all fantasize over- slowly, and then all at once. Their relationship in Shakespeare’s play has been presented through their matching characteristics, the way they speak and the way the language has been written to show their affection, the events that occur to push them together, other people influencing a bond, the connections between how Shakespeare has presented love in his other plays and finally the different versions of this …show more content…

QUOTE From this quote we can tell that while all the other characters in the essay have been given a similar, regular personality, Beatrice and Benedick stand out as the two individuals that are different from the rest therefore we can tell that they are the two most important characters and that their love story is more interesting and less expected than the rest. As individuals, Beatrice is a stronger character who sticks to her own ways and is changed less by love than Benedick is. We can see this in the last scene when Beatrice comes close to rejecting Benedick’s love. On the other hand, Benedick changes dramatically after coming to terms with his own affection, specifically after he finds out that Beatrice loves him. This is shown by him trying to prove that he is not scornful and proud through the love poems that he writes which make us sympathetic towards Benedick as a sweet, hopeless lover instead of the heartless joker that we remember him as.

Shakespeare also presents their love through the way Beatrice and Benedick speak and the specific language that he has used to describe their feelings. Throughout the play, Benedick speaks in prose showing his down to Earth, pragmatic side showing that he sees the humour in the situation whereas Beatrice speaks in blank verse approaching as poetic, expressive and genuine. Furthermore, she uses barbed words unlike the stereotypical women that Shakespeare contrasts these two contrasts these characters with, and is

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