How Organizations Must Implement Change At The Next Level Of Success

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The world today necessitates that organizations should implement change to keep up with the fast-changing and complex business environment. It is through embracing change management that organizations can be able to enhance their competitive edge in the market. Change management is critical in organizations since they undergo the much-needed transformation to be relevant in the market. Incisive leadership is always needed to help organizations go through this change. The influence of leaders as far as organization change is needed is insurmountable. They play a fundamental role in propelling the business to the next level of success. Despite the fact that some company cultures fail to tolerate change, it is the role of leaders to ensure…show more content…
Microsoft dominated the market at the time, rendering Apple without a substantial market for its products.
Failure to Innovate Understanding every employee 's capabilities in the organization is a necessary consideration when implementing change as asserted by Rieley (2016). During the first reign of Steve Jobs at the company, innovation was the fundamental focus of the business, but things changed when he left. The team at Apple failed to change with time and focus on technological growth that the market demanded. The then leader of Apple John Sculley never paid attention to innovation as his main focus was to market the already made products and make profits. For instance, the company invested heavily in the production of Power Book 5300 PC which was highly anticipated in the market. However, most of these devices were not made up to the required standards as some of them were never operational. Other gadgets had unpreceded issues with lithium-ion batteries that occasionally exploded into flames. Other products such as the Macintosh TV which were made with the aim of replacing PCs were operating slowly, not to mention the high prices that were placed on them. Such miscalculations led the company to incur huge losses, while the competitors were steadfast in developing new and more reliable gadgets.
Poor Leadership The deployment of a John Sculley as the CEO to run the ever-burgeoning company was seen as a new dawn since he was known to have
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