How To Decrease Crime In California

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Throughout the years there has been a decrease in crime in the state of California. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition of the word crime is “an act or omission constituting an offence against an individual or the state and punishable by law.” Law Enforcement plays a big role keeping communities safe such as one city, San Diego. San Diego City has been one of the cities were there has been a five percent decrease in crimes within the last four years (Repard 2017). The article, “In 2016, crime in San Diego drops to rates comparable to the late 1950s to early 1960s,” shows that these crimes are compared to the crimes that were happening around the late 1950s to the early 1960s. As soon as one criminal is taken off the…show more content…
When using social media, the police department can target, hundreds to thousands of people, to letting them know of what is going on. For example, in my university an email was sent to every person from the school to make sure everyone was aware of a sex offender that was kicked off the campus. Hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, etc. are also used on social media to make people aware of a certain person or crime that has happened or is about to happen. The more people that know of a specific criminal the less, he or she will want to do because everyone has eyes on them. That will cause the criminal to not commit the crime which keeps communities safe. Pictures of criminals with their information given on social media can help the community a lot to identify the person when the police are not around. Many people today will have access to social media which makes it more fast and convenient for people that rather be on social media than read a newspaper. Another example of social media taking part in lowering crime is being able to spread the word on the steps of what the people should be aware of, such as, laws and procedures, that are needed to be known to everyone. Pictures, articles, etc. can be shared person to person spreading the word from city to city. In a matter of seconds a post can go viral and will keep…show more content…
Gadgets such as body-worn cameras, software used for facial recognition, forensics, and gunshot detection systems has made it easier for police departments to catch criminals. The more criminals that are off the streets the less crimes there will be. This technology helps law enforcement gather information of a person’s habits and their location to get in touch with them faster. In the article, Police Use New Technologies to Fight Crime, a police officer quoted, “The real value of all this technology is to empower the officer in the field. Now, data is pushed directly to their devices” (Avalos 2016). Not only is it beneficial and easier to catch a criminal, but it is the fastest way to getting to them. This technology has also been very useful to the City of Oakland and the City of San Jose because of their shortage of police officers. Technology on police cars has also been updated to make it easier to catch these criminals. Technology is also been a useful part in communication between police officers and catching the criminal. There are special software apps created to let the officer know information about the criminal. There have been less claims and less citizen complaints towards the police because of the body-worn cameras. Since technology each year is getting better and better the rate of crime will continue to stay low because it will be
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