How To Promote Communication

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Visual factors, lighting condition- light should be on the talkers face, unless they have sight problems then some people react badly to having the light shined in their eyes so maybe a dim light or a light which lights up the room but not directly in their face. Interfering objects- visual noise, try to keep noise to a minimum as sometimes this can distract people and even make it hard for the individual to hear especially if they have poor hearing, in the home I work we use walkie talkies to communicate to other staff, when in with a resident the noise and interference from the radios can be very loud and distracts you, so I try to cover over the radio to quieten it down so the resident can still hear me and understand; you can also turn the volume down whist in with the resident. Also when in a resident’s room they can sometimes but watching television so I try to turn it down or turn it off whilst I am in providing them with care so that it doesn’t distract me or …show more content…

Head movements should be well lit, no chewing or eating this could be distracting as well as make your communication unclear. Viewing angle best to be seated in front of the talker, this way you are completely opposite so you can see each other clearly or be closer so that they can hear rather then it being mumbled or distorted. Individual factors- fatigue, illness, stress makes concentration difficult. Attitude- can affect success or failure situation- some situation are easier than others, if you come into a individuals room with attitude they may not wish to speak to you as they may feel burdened and feel you are uptight because of them, or they may not like the way you have communicated with them so refuse to listen to

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