How Would Enforcing Electric Cars Impact on Almaty City?

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Running head: THE IMPACT OF ENFORCING ELECTRIC CARS IN ALMATY First Draft How Would Enforcing Electric Cars in Almaty Impact on the City? KIMEP University December 10, 2013 Table of Content Abstract 3 Chapter 1. Introduction 4 Chapter 2. Literature Review 8 Chapter 3. Data Collection Methodology 11 Chapter 4. Description of Results 15 Chapter 5. Analysis 20 Chapter 6. Conclusion 22 Bibliography 23 Appendix A 25 Appendix B 26 Abstract This study addresses the issue of the ecological and economical impact of enforcing electric cars in Almaty city. It is important to find positive or negative impact of introduction new alternative as electric vehicle. The proposition that would be tested is ‘There would…show more content…
The hybrid electric vehicles use a small electric battery to addition a standard engine. It increases fuel efficiency by about 25 percent. The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is also having the electric motor and the internal combustion engine. It has a larger battery pack, which is charged from the power grid. This battery complements an engine smaller than those that are in hybrid or conventional vehicles. The hybrid and plug-in hybrid both combine an internal combustion engine with a battery and electric motor to increase fuel efficiency. The difference between them is that you can use electricity as a fuel, because plug-ins can recharge from an electric outlet. An extended-range electric vehicle works on the principle charging successively of an internal combustion engine to power an electric generator, the battery system in a linear process — the engine powers a generator, which charges the battery. The last is battery electric vehicles, which are all electric. They do not have internal combustion engine and they have to be plugged into the electric power grid to recharge. This study took the approach of estimating the ‘macro cost and micro cost’. The macro cost would be considered the total cost that government would face if enforcing electrical cars would be implemented, such as substitution of petrol stations by electric charging stations, duties paid by holders of

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