How do Digital Marketing & Social Media affect the promotion of products and services?

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How do the digital marketing and social media affect the promotion of products and services Abstract The Internet became a fundamental part of almost every aspect of our lives and every-day life. IT is now indispensable part of every organization. One of the main uses of the Internet in Business is as advertising channel. In this report, the effects of the digital promotion of products and services are reviewed. The effects on customer’s needs and behaviour are examined as well as the impact on business and enterprises. Introduction Digital marketing is a local and worldwide market located in internet websites caused by the digital development through the years, especially the last decade. It…show more content…
Through the last decade digital marketing has improved in many aspects worldwide. Firstly it has improved its range, it still has a big area to cover and it is doing it quickly with the help of many people’s digital strategies and innovative creations. Tablets, smartphones and some more made the digital marketing less dependent from the computers which helped for its development, dissemination and usage all over the world. Many people have been disappointed by the fact that they can not find the cloth or the size of the cloth they have found before in the exact public shop because the shop is already out of this product and the person have been sent to another shop from the same brand. In the online brand’s shops a customer can find and order for a product which is out of stock in the public shops or to order a product from an old collection with the option of eventual discount in advantage for the company to empty from manufacture that they might not sell in the future. Nevertheless there are online shops in which people are offering their own products on their own advertisement and assessment for the price. The most used and popular site worldwide for this kind of shopping is “” and such local is the Bulgarian online market “” in which customers can find brand new products , second hand products from all
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