How the Environment Plays a Role In Learning

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How the Environment Plays a Role In Learning Throughout time we as humans have been learning and adapting to different environments. From birth to death. We are always changing where we may learn something and how to do things. From birth you are immediately learning how to breathe and how to function normally as a person. And as time goes on from birth you start to learn how to eat solid foods, walk, talk, and play. As you get older from there you are learning your culture and environment and how to look, act, and perform as people and these three things start to shape you as an individual. Like what you may like about someone and what you may not like about someone. once you start school you are now learning around you such as who…show more content…
You can then analyize what they may have said take bits and pieces and apply it to your project to help with the final product. With the interaction you are also bettering yourself by getting to know more people, learning about what they have to say, and what you like and what you dislike about them. Also you are making connections learning about who they are, what they do, and what their personality is like. This can help in your future to by allowing you to know what jobs are available to you out their based on with what that person does. Also with the World Wide Web you can learn more about what that person does by looking it up. That is, the recent educational setting is inclined to the use of the modern technology as the physical environment. Lee, S., & Cho, K. (2013, March 25). The relations between physical environment and psychosocial environment: Literature review . Retrieved from Why is web learning good? With web learning you can get more info about different things out their which a book cannot provide. Like for instance a hunting rifle even though a book can explain about what the rifle is and how to operate it the web can further the learning process like specs on the rifle, the proper scope to use, and what the best modifications are for that rifle. The web is also handy for college it
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