How the Teachers Body Lanuage Effects the Class Essay

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Body language speaks louder than any words you can ever imagine. Whether a person is telling people that he or she loves them, or whether their angry with them, or don't care less about them. What matters is that body movements reveal thoughts, moods, and attitudes. In a class room, this can be crucial. Both consciously and sub-consciously, the body of the teacher, tells the students about what's really going on. In the competitive and complex world of teaching, the ability to communicate with clearness, self-belief, and trustworthiness is crucial for success. Too frequently this ability is ignored. Logic and solutions are worthless, if they are not communicated in a way that persuades, motivates, and inspires the listeners. All day every …show more content…

Moreover, by practicing the gestures, the students experience the positive impact of body language and thus, the teacher discovers how to manage the classroom. To begin, the head is at the top the human body and understanding the movements, can empower a teacher and provide authority. Whether the teacher holds their head high, or drops it in despair, the way the teacher positions their head reveals what they think of the student. How the teacher or student places and poses their head indicates whether they are being aggressive, or are bored to distraction. Head movements have many purposes. They can reveal attitudes, replace the spoken word, and support or challenge what is said. A person can steer someone to look or move in a specific direction by using their head as a guide, or they can point with your head when finger pointing would be rude or inappropriate. Light head nods, chin thrusts, and sweeping actions emphasize words and phrases. In a classroom the teacher nods their head to indicate who may speak next. So head movement in an important feature when it comes to understanding how the teacher or student is feeling. Thus, a teacher can control their head movements in the right way, which in return, can gain them a more manageable classroom. In addition, Facial expressions exert a powerful control over the type and amount of communication between the teacher and the students. People make personality and other judgments about each other based on what they

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