Explain How To Overcome Barriers To Effective Communication

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The following report will discuss and resolve the possible barriers in effective communication. It will include different ways in which to overcome the threats that pursue an important discussion, debate or conversation. This report can be useful for people writing reports on effective communication in and around their business or company.
Potential Barrier in communication (Cultural Differences)
Cultural differences can cause many problems in an effective discussion, for example: If two people are trying to have a discussion and both speak different languages, it would be extremely difficult to communicate, in different cultures hand signs represent gestures that the British take politely. Religious issues can …show more content…

Next, proofreading is important as this is more accurate than spellchecker because machines do not know what context is suitable; finally, a second opinion is the best option to overcome this barrier, getting a friend to check the work over ensures better work.
Potential Barrier in communication (Terminology)
Using the wrong terminology is very poor quality communication; it can lead to

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