How to Strip an Engine

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Engineering Report

Engine Dismantle
And Rebuild

Travis Wight


Mr. Mulligan


Introduction p1

What is a Two Stroke Engine? P2

How a Two-Stroke Engine Works

Power Stroke p3 Fuel Intake p4
Compression stroke p5

Dismantling the Engine p

Engine Assessment p

Engine Rebuild p



The task at hand was to find a medium sized internal combustion engine. With this engine we had to dismantle it recording all the steps taken to pull it down. After the engine had been taken apart, all the functions of the engine had to be observed and recorded. After observing and recording all the information, it was then required to make any minor
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This was achieved by un-doing one primary nut, which was attached from the shaft of the engine to the cutting deck of the mower. There was four smaller nuts the attached the engine to actual mower frame. These five bolts were undone with a medium-size shifter. The large bolt had to be "cracked" because it was on tight and tapping it with a hammer causes the nut to crack and let go of the bolt.

Upon removing the engine from the frame of the mower, the casing over the engine was removed with a small shifter by undoing six small bolts around the engine.

The next component of the engine that was taken off was the carburetor, which was attached to the side of the cylinder. It was secured onto the intake port by a tightening mechanism, which worked by tightening two washer-like fixtures around the intake port with a screw. After taking it off all the dirt had been removed from the surface of the carburetor

The head of the cylinder was taken off first. This was achieved after undoing four small bolts or the top of the head. The vacuum advance system was disconnected from the carburetor to allow the removal of the head. See Fig 6

The next component that was removed was the barrel or cylinder. It slid off the four bolts that held the head of the cylinder off. After the barrel had been taken off, the piston was easily accessible. See Fig 7

The plate with cooling fins on it had to be taken off and for that to be removed a large nut had to be cracked

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