Hr Needs And Responsibilities Of An Organization

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HR provides a valuable service to customers by fulfilling their needs and therefore must be approachable and easily accessible. Customers can range from anyone within the organisation (senior management, current employees, trade union representatives etc.) to any other person(s) using the organisation; government departments (HMRC), community or former employees (external customers). The needs of the customer can be anything from providing information or advising on issues or administering specific knowledge. Regardless of a customer’s status it is expected, therefore as any customer would, to be provided with a solution or effective action in a professional and time effective manner (SLA) which is cost-effective and meets their needs.
Sometimes a conflict of interest can emerge and it is essential that the HR person can prioritise and strike a balance where both the organisation needs and customer needs are best met in the fairest way possible.

For example, if an employee had just completed a course/exam that was relevant to his/her career development and/or of benefit to the organisation, would it not be reasonable for this employee to request a pay review?
Where this increment may not meet within the organisations budget, it could potentially present a conflict between the two customers (employee & manager). If it is in the interest of the organisation to keep this employee it is important to find an alternate solution to retain the individual. Such to explore could be

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