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HRCI Exam Guide By: Linda Howard TO ACCOMPANY: DESSLER, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 11/E MONDY AND NOE, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 10/E AND DESSLER, FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 1/E AH PRACTICE TEST (200 QUESTIONS) 1. Human Resource departments serve a strategic role in most organizations because: a. today’s organizations are instituting HR practices aimed at gaining competitive advantage through their employees. b. Human Resource departments handle downsizing and layoff processes. c. globalization has reduced competition. d. the workforce is becoming less diverse. 2. Human Resources departments support organizational strategy implementation in all of the following…show more content…
b. moving from teams to functional departments. c. eliminating the distractions of cross-training. d. redesigning work with a focus on multitasked, enriched, generalist work. 13. A work redesign plan whereby employees build their workday around a core of midday hours is: a. a compressed work week. b. job sharing. c. a flexible work schedule. d. telecommuting. 14. Which of the following is true with regard to flexible work arrangements? a. Job sharing and work sharing are different terms for the same process. b. Compressed workweeks are particularly suitable for organizations that offer services continuously, 24 hours a day. c. Most firms using flexible work arrangements give employees broad freedom regarding the hours they work. d. Flextime arrangements have been most successful in factory jobs. 15. A comprehensive process to determine the effectiveness of a firm’s HR policies and procedures would most likely include: a. an HR audit. b. comparison of the firm’s compensation practices with peer firms. c. an analysis of turnover and absenteeism in the HR department. d. a re-design of the performance appraisal process. 16. With regard to global HR management, HR practitioners should note that: a. research indicates that a significant number of employees will leave the firm within a year or two of returning home after an international assignment. b. repatriation agreements are considered ineffective

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