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HSA 505: Health Service Strategic Marketing

MISSED OPPORTUNITY In the case of study “Missed Opportunity” there is a character by the name of Susan Daniels. Ms. Davis is the top marketing officer of Briarwood Medical Center, there she is trying to secure to billboards located on the premises. This is a prize location because the billboards panels are located on the main traffic strip. The panels will provide countless opportunities to market the medical center and an excellent investment. Briarwood Medical Center was entangled in a endless battle for the market share against a skilled competitor Crestview Hospital, thus making every opportunity to win patients crucial. This is an opportunity
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The question will arise because of an excellent marketing strategy used by Crestview Hospital. Both billboards use the tag line in the ads The Best Medical Care in Oakland. This will raise the concerns of patients of their competitors and trying to make sure they are choosing the right health care provider. This was a move that needed to be done to overcome their competition and to take a major step show consumers who is the best healthcare provider in the city.
Billboard Cons Crestview Hospital has to know that pulling a stunt like this against competitors there are consequences. The billboard I believe was a great investment, but can they afford to invest the six month $30,000.00 contract fee. Crestview Hospital has less than 75 beds than their competitor Briarwood Medical Center. Although their competitor has more beds, they felt as if they couldn’t afford to pay the rental fee. Crestview Hospital will be put in the predicament to try to replace the income they are losing in advertisement due to the billboards. Crestview Hospital is a for- profit healthcare provider, and if they feel the financial income pressure they will result in charging their consumers more to overcome the financial lost. The purpose for these billboards was to gain more consumers to the facility. This will not be an easy

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