Human Capital Of Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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Introduction These three logs will discuss three parts and every part will connect with a news. First one will be the important of customer service and added value. There are 5 gaps during delivering service. Bridging each other is very important for delivering good service and added value. Second part is human capital of tourism and hospitality industry. Tourism and hospitality industry has high employee turnover and many companies have employee shortage. Hire well trained and experienced employee is so difficult. So, company must give intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to employees to keep them. They also can corporate with secondary schools and help schools educate students who want to work in tourism and hospitality industry. Third part …show more content…

Nowadays technology is developing people don’t use old ways to give their feedback. May still some gusts write complain card and put into box of your hotel. But most customer like to write their comments and complains through internet. So, we always see hotel manager reply customers’ complains on TripAdvisor and Compare to traditional way, write on internet is easier let more people to read. So, managers should try their best to collect complains and make sure they improved their team and bring better service. There are five gaps in hotel management and these five gaps effect managers and their employees deliver service. Gap 1: Consumer expectation vs. management perception gap. This gap is manager group doesn’t even know what are customer needed. They should read customers complains and change their service. Gap 2 Management perception vs service quality specification gap. Sometimes manager know they have problems and mistakes when they serve their guests. But they don’t change it may because they don’t have a good manager team. Gap 3: Service quality specifications vs service delivery gap. Managers may know what guests need and they changed their service better. But when employees deliver service that still cannot be perfect. People made mistakes and managers should train their employee avoid mistakes. Gap 4: Service delivery vs external communications gap. Hotel give excellent image to customers. But when they deliver

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