Human Computer Interaction : Application And Evaluation Of Interactive Systems

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Human Computer Interaction:
Every day more and more people using the internet and the number of online shopper increase
Dramatically. As a web develops people expecting more and more from different websites.
To attract this user the website should be easy to navigate, attractive and easy to use.
To make a website attractive and easy to use web designer need to be aware of general principle of Human computer interaction. (Darlington, 2005)
“HCI involves the design, implementation and evaluation of interactive systems in the context of the user’s task and work” (Dix, 2004), p4).
A well-designed User Interface can be the difference between a products being accepted by the end-user or the system being rejected as a whole. If the user does …show more content…

Other important aspect of the system is to ensure that the user(s) can distinguish between what can be chosen or clicked in order to navigate to another page or do something. The use of visual picture use as a link within the website should be kept consistent in order to ensure the user(s) do not get confused or distracted with regards to an image being a link or just for show purpose.
It is better when is get to designing the Home page of E-business website design of letter and contain of the page should be different compare to other pages the home page is something when customer look at the first should give him/her a brief idea about the company. For example it should have a noticeable placement of the company name and what purpose the site would serve for a first-time visitor. In terms of design all the other web pages within that web site would remain consistent apart from the home page. All images used as a link will have an ALT tag attached to it to ensure a user can distinguish between what can be clicked or selected.
In general, good website design is about allowing the user to work with the web smarter than he or she would in the real world and, at the same time, allow the user to be aware of the new possibilities of this space, in the form of easy and understandable navigation schemes and other functionality that might be available.
3.3.2 Usability
Usability should not be an

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