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6. Few HRD professionals would disagree that practice plays an important role in learning and retention. Using your knowledge of the conditions of practice, what sort of practice do you think would be most effective for training mechanics in a new installation procedure for automobile air-conditioners? How about for training new managers to comply with a new Employee Assistant Programme Act.

Jon M. Werner and Randy L. DeSimone in their book Human Resource Management defined Human Resource Development as a set of systematic and planned activities designed by an organization to provide its members with the opportunity to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demands. The business dictionary defines it as training an …show more content…

Secondly for the mechanics to continually retain the information being learned there should be little or no interference or it should be taken into consideration when training. This meaning that sometimes the knowledge of the old procedure might affect the way the mechanics learn the new procedure also if new steps are added while installing the air conditioner in a different vehicle it can cause confusion in the learning process.

The case of the new Employee Assistant Programme Act, since it is an act where information may be presented in a document and the managers can always refer to it when needed, I would suggest using the conditions of active practice. This being the Employees Assistance Programme Act would be something that they would have to implement everyday so it would certainly give the managers the opportunity to perform the task and use the knowledge being used. Also because there is no real step by step process of implementing the act then the conditions of a massed practice session can be put in place, for example a meeting can be held where all managers are taught and given an explanation of the act and why it is necessary, as well as the document of the act where they can refer to when needed. By giving an explanation and ensure the managers what is the purpose and the reason for the Employee Assistant Programme Act , it leaves room for better retention since they are aware of the meaningfulness of they are being taught. Also

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