Human Resources Management Essay

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HROB Self-Reflection Individual Essay A manager is an individual who usually oversees a firm or companies actions on a daily basis. A manager has to have qualities of a leader to be selected for this position because in general the manager’s job has a huge weight on the company he is managing and can be a main cause for their major downfall or great success. There have been many influential and important leaders throughout history that have made the world a better place to live in, such as, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, and Steve Jobs, these men have mad the world a better place by taking a stand and having very strong leadership skills. It does not matter what your managing or what kind of manager you are it is crucial to have …show more content…

Although I cannot make my company the most attracting company to everyone looking for a job I can try to ensure that people looking for the job I am offering are attracted more to my company because of the steps that I am taking to make it look good more than my opposition so that I can ensure that I get good employees and also a steady flow of them.
The process of selecting employees can go into two different avenues in the workplace, whether it be selecting certain individuals for certain jobs that need special skills to preform or it be simply selecting employees who applied for the job and which ones to hire. Selecting employees can turn out to be a complex job to perform because there are so many different areas that need exploring and comparing with other people so that you ensure to get hard working good employees. Although some professionals will tell you that they can decide whether they are going to hire someone or not within the first minute of meeting them there are some other things that you need to look for when interviewing a potential employee, such as how they are dressed, do they come across you as a confident individual, body language is key and can show how they truly feel regardless of what they say in the interview, and also based on how they act if they will be a good addition to the employees you already have in terms of working together. As well as the interview you will have

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