A Research On Team Work

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Team work involves the actions undertaken by a group of individuals in order to achieve a common goal.They work together in a cooperative environment to achieve the common goal through sharing ideas,knowledge and skills. The goal is the target or common objective and it is greater than the personal aspirations of each member of the team.It is a cooperative process that enables target oriented individuals to achieve great results(Scarnati 2001).A team has a common objective and the team members work together and ultimately develop effective and mutual relationships to achieve the set goals(Harris and Harris,1996).
An effective teamwork depends on the rapport present between all members of the team leading to the creation of an environment where they are all willing to contribute and participate in order to promote a positive and effective team environment.Research has shown that for teamwork to be successful,every member of the team must be committed to the shared goal and they must also be willing to promote and encourage their fellow team members to contribute and participate to achieve the set objectives.A team can achieve their objectives at a far superior level when the team members operate in an enabling and positively interdependent team environment(Johnson and Johnson1995,1997).Communicating in an open and honest manner,exhibition of good interpersonal skills and working towards conflict resolution are all important aspects of teamwork.
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