I Am A Healthy Life

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I’m living a healthy life in most aspects. Fist of all I keep healthy eating habits. I seldom skip breakfast during my weekdays so that I’m energetic for my classes everyday. I always plan my breakfast the day before, such as bagels or eggs. Breakfast is important so I try to make it fresh and delightful. Sometimes I drink tea instead of coffee. Black tea is my favorite because caffeine in it is lower than green tea or coffee. I always feel too excited after drinking coffee. I feel my heart beating faster than usual and my hands may even shake. Usually I don’t eat a lot at night, especially before sleeping. This keeps my stomach healthy and prevents me from getting weight. I prefer eating healthier food rather than fast food such as burgers and fries. Sushi or other Asian dishes are always my dinner. They are light and balanced in nutrition, and good for my digest system. However, as a college student, I have some unhealthy behaviors which are common between me and my friends. The first one is, I always sleep after 12:00 am at night and it can be later during the weekends. As a result of sleeping late at night, sometimes it is hard for me to get up early in the morning. On the weekends I always wake up after 11:00 am. This is very unhealthy because I skip my breakfast and also my biological changes. I have to get used to the healthy routine again every Monday. Another bad behavior is that I seldom do any exercises. I used to do it for few times every week, but later I…

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