I Am A Teacher When I Became An Educator

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I decided that I wanted to be a teacher when I was a pupil at Elementary school. While continuing to enjoy academic life at High School, my ambition to become a teacher was questioned by my parents. Nevertheless, despite their doubts, I followed my dream to become an educator. It is my personal and firm conviction that, it is in the role of a teacher, that I can best influence the current and future generations to contribute to the social and economic improvement of Cambodia.
I already graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Education (TEFL) and pursuing Master Degree in (TESOL) Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages at a local university. To date, I have substantial professional experience, including, five years as an ELF …show more content…

For example, I usually foster them to take their learning seriously and be responsible for their language development. Furthermore, I always admire my students when they are willing to take risk and contribute their ideas to the class. Providing them some prizes when they have achieved great things is also effective. Therefore, I have always focused on both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. As a result, students become more active and feel optimistic towards their studies.
Another important goal for me is to help my students gradually become autonomous learners. They should be aware that learning can take place everywhere and learning should not only happen in the classroom. They should bear in mind that they are the main actors in the classroom. They have to determine on their learning outcome. This cannot be done alone and teacher has to support them with great enthusiasm. I will carefully plan the lessons and allow students more choices on their studies. I also aim to give them more project work and tasks so that they can do more research on their own. At the same time, I will focus on assigning them to work collaboratively with their friends in order to build their relationship among them. I plan to help them learn independently by using new technology as well. In order to make it happen, I have prepared a list of good links based on English learning content for them to do self-study at home and in the library. In my class, I would like the

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