I Am A Type A Personality Scoring 51 Essay

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The results are in and I am a Type A personality scoring 51 which is in the healthy balance range of beneficial Type A qualities and limited negative traits of this personality type. Speed and impatience, job involvement, as well as a competitive nature are the components of a Type A personality. The Type A traits of speed and impatience and job involvement yielded 18, my highest scores of the three. Moreover, these two traits solidify the importance that I place on working diligently to meet deadlines, with immense drive and focus to deliver projects in a timely manner at the expense of work/life balance in addition my score was 15 reflecting my moderately competitive nature (Pearson Education,2016). The Self Awareness Assessment score determines one’s self-awareness, self-disclosure and self-understanding. These three components speak to personal improvement, openness to feedback, control of emotions, exercising one’s value system, and being emotionally mature. In this test my score is a 57, hereby landing me within the normal range of being self- aware (Pearson Education,2016). Evaluating one’s ability to be sociable, stable, adaptable, amicable and reliable are measured by the Five Core Personality Dimension test. The test measured my ability to be sociable as 36, stable is 38, and adaptable 32, These three personality dimensions are in the moderate range, and amicable 48, and reliable 42, are in the high range (Pearson Education,2016). These traits are
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