Personal Statement On Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence
Tanveer Vora
University Canada West
Professor: Dr. Michele Vincenti
MGMT601 & Leadership in the Global Context
16th January 2017 Abstract
The paper discusses about the emotional intelligence, which has various factors. The factors are self awareness, motivation, self regulation, social skills and empathy. In case of effective leadership, these factors plays major role. However, emotional intelligence is teachable to improve the personal skills and personality. A person with proper emotional intelligence has the ability of effective leadership. Therefore, in the workplace the emotional intelligence sessions should be planned to develop the skills of the employees and workers. Table of Contents
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Factors of Emotional Intelligence According to Yusof (2016), emotional intelligence has five key factors. The factors are self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.
Self awareness:
Self awareness is to identify and understand own moods and the motivation that can affect others emotion and feeling. The person needs to monitor its own self that include confidence, sense of humour and awareness of impression on the other people.
Self regulation:
Self regulation refers to the control on the impulse. The person or the employee can listen the words and comments of others carefully before react (Campo, Laborde & Mosley, 2016). The person should think before respond. This shows the emotional maturity.
Motivation is the interest of the individual in learning. Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee (2013) stated that motivation refers to the comparison between self improvement and wealth and status pursuit. An employee needs both internal and external motivation both. Emotional maturity includes initiative and commitment in completing a particular task and perseverance of adversity. The person should have the ability to motivate own self.
Empathy is the capability to understand the emotional reaction of other person. A person can achieve empathy when he is able to achieve the self awareness. Sony and Mekoth (2016) suggested that one can understand the feelings and emotion

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