I Want To Be An Advocate Essay

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As an early childhood education teacher it will be my job to wear many different hats throughout my career. Many times you wear multiple “hats” at once such as a tutor, cheerleader, nurse, and detective. However, one of the most important hats a teacher will wear is an advocacy hat. Being an advocate is having a strong belief in, and being actively involved for a cause (Berger, Riojas-Cortez, pg. 331). Once I enter into my own classroom I will be an advocate for each and every one of my students. I will respect my students, give them opportunities to grow, develop trustworthy bonds, and involve the parents in the classroom as much as possible.
Children are helpless, if they do not have someone there to advocate for them, then who will? Many times even a child’s parent is unable to properly advocate for them because of many unfortunate circumstances. The two most impactful circumstances that may affect parent advocacy is the inability for them to speak English or they are immigrant from another country so they are unaware of their rights let alone
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For example, I can create a positive an open environment where parents and children can feel comfortable enough to have open discussions. I could also make myself aware and learn the culture and funds of knowledge of my students and parents so I could learn and understand their educational background while trying to meet them in the middle with having them understand the school curriculum. This would build a trustworthy bond, which is helpful for the parents who have questions about their child’s education, what should be offered to them and what should not be. It would also be my job to make the parents aware of their rights and responsibilities as a parent whose child is in the school system. (Berger, Riojas-Cortez pg.
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