ISS Classroom

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Romelo had a difficult time transitioning in the ISS classroom. He reported to the classroom upset because he had to serve his time. Romelo was given many opportunities to gain self-control. Many behavior interventions were implemented to help him be successful in the ISS classroom. I gave him several verbal warning with the rule sheet to encourage positive behavior. He still continued not following directions.
I had him to step outside the classroom to find out what was going on with him. He had a nose bleed and I sent him to the office. He return and stated, he was told to remain in the office until his parent came to pick him up. Therefore, he retrieved his belongings and went back to the office. Consequently, Romelo was trying to escape the ISS classroom. Mrs. Miller called me concerning this situation. We discussed the days Romelo was assigned to the ISS classroom.
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I told him his behavior could lead to disorderly conduct due to exhibiting noncompliance, erratic behavior, and losing self-control. We went into a group discussion to prove students with a movement break and to share information to him the critique their behavior. I taught them about negative behaviors and how it could lead to court proceedings. I also told them the ABE program ask a series of questions and gave them examples. Romelo did calm down for about three minutes. Then he began throwing a tantrum, He stated, “I don’t understand why he I’m placed in ISS for something that happen a long time ago”.
He disrupted the classroom 43 times. The students were complaining why is he in here? I wanted to give this child every opportunity before calling an administrator. His behavior continues to interfere with learning in the classroom. However, Romelo can be polite when he chooses and display manners. His actions causes major distractions in the general education curriculum. The behavior exhibited this
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