Identify the Different Types and Different Methods of Assessment Used in Teaching.

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Q: Identify the different types and different methods of assessment used in teaching. Provide examples of when and why you would use particular methods of assessment (including peer and self) and how they meet the needs of learners. What are the strengths and limitations of each method? Evaluate how you would involve your learners in the assessment process in your specialist area. A: Without realising it, a teacher /trainer is involving their learners from the initial meeting, when you may use a diagnostic assessment for skills – literacy, numeracy and ICT, they are already participating. Asking learners if they have had any previous knowledge on the subject or course and then discussing what experience they may have had and how they…show more content…
It is of benefit to look at the ‘bigger’ picture which incorporates not only the immediate task of assessing a learner in one particular unit or course, but another on what is important for the learner to have achieved either in further education, in a company role or as part of a group. Each learner is individual and their strengths will be varied, firstly consider the abilities you are looking to encourage and then consider the assessment method to be used. Individual needs can also be met in this way such as use of coloured paper or a different font for learners with dyslexia. -Use open questions to test knowledge, who where, when, why, what and how! -Any assessment should be ‘valid-assessing’. Covering the information that is meant to be assessed and for the test to be reliable - if you used the same assessment again with a different group you would get similar results? “Assessment types are different from assessment methods. A method is how the assessment type will be used and can be formal or informal. Formal methods count towards the achievement of a qualification whereas informal methods check ongoing process (Gravells, 2012a:31) Some forms of assessment are detailed below:- OBSERVATION – This can be used as a form of assessment when tasks are performed and the knowledge learnt can be observed, also by performing procedures,
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