Identifying Environmental Polluters

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Polluters in Your Community- Visit Scorecard: The Pollution Information Site and/or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Identify the top five polluters and the top five chemicals released in your county. U. S. Army Letterkenny Army Depot: The activities of the military invariable create some pollution. The Army depot is a passive activity with the potential to pollute ground water, primarily, and is a concern because of the hazards of improper storage and the costs of protecting the stored munitions and the like from deterioration which could lead to pollution. The primary pollutants from the depot are ethylene glycol and hydrochloric acid (1995 and after, consisted of acid aerosols only). Grove Worldwide U.S. LLC: This company manufactures construction equipment and the pollutants associated with its activities are manganese and manganese compounds and Butyl alcohol, n. York Refigeration Frick): This company manufactures air conditioning, warm air heating equipment, and commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. The manufacturing activities release xylene (mixed isomers) into the air. Lamtech, Inc.: This company makes custom countertops, surfaces, and vanities made from laminate, cultured marble, solid surface, butcher block, natural quartz, and granite for the home and office. The laminates, polymers, and other coating materials used in LamTech's products are made by such manufacturers as DuPont, Formica, Nevamar, and Wilsonart International. The primary
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