Impact Of Technology On Society

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The Impact of Technology on Society Phones. Computers. Games. These images are what many people think of when they think of technology. Technology has both a positive and negative impact on society, because it has many benefits such as communication and negative effects such as hacking. The technological advances in the military have changed the way people fight in wars. New military technologies are making wars easier to fight and some may take soldiers off the battlefield. Recently many new military technologies have been created one being a laser cannon that is mainly used to destroy drones and mortar shells, the navy is even planning to add larger versions of them to ships in the future. Another new technology is the plasma protection field that is designed to protect vehicles from incoming blast damage however it can’t protect from direct oncoming projectiles like RPG’s. Some of these technologies are still in development such as the satellite melter, this is a satellite designed to track down and melt enemy satellites. Other technologies in development include self-steering bullets designed to track town the target and a unmanned submarine hunter which will be used to find and track submarines. (Sammon) Drones are also being used to bomb areas without the risk of a pilot getting killed along with the possibilities of robots replacing soldiers. (Atherton) Due to the injuries caused by warfare there has also been the need for new medical technology. The advances in

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