Implement And Monitor Marketing Activities. Assessment

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Implement and monitor marketing activities

Assessment Task 2: Project – Plan promotional activities

Summarized marketing plan for TOP Restaurant company:

The Executive Summary

The TOP Restaurant (TOP) is a family start-up business that specializes in providing Asian cuisine foods based in Chadstone, Vic Australia. The TOP is intended to penetrate in to new markets in both locally and internationally.

The TOP Company’s mission is to be a market leader by introducing authentic Asian cuisine worldwide by providing the true and local taste to the food patrons. The company on their first year operation which started on 28th February 2016.

The company has an initial start-up or capital cost of approximately $7,000 which has been obtained …show more content…

A brief overview of your company’s Marketing Plan, including marketing objectives and performancetargets to staff.

TOP Restaurant company’s marketing objectives:

The TOP’s Marketing objectives are;
• To maintain an optimistic and stable growth rate every month.
The stable and positive growth is expected for sustainability of the business for long term.

• Risethe market penetration annually.
The organization is expected to penetrate into the new market in both locally and internationally on annual basis.

• Develop brand quality at the markets and ensure product safety.
The business is aimed to establish a high standard of the products and services that delivered to the end consumer with high assurance of product safety.

Performance targets to staff:
Organizational Skill:
Organizational capabilities identify with the capacity to adequately arrange and oversee work and business related exercises. Representatives with solid hierarchical skills are productive and powerful in the work that they do with high efficiency.
Interpersonal Skills:
Interpersonal abilities are aptitudes required to get along with others. Interpersonal capabilities may incorporate in the capacity to listen non-defensively, and team collaboration and customer service skills.
Leadership competencies:
Leadership skills are required to lead others. All the top management such as managers and supervisors need to possess all these skills. Also the even the

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