Implementation Of Web Analytics Maturity Model Essay

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MASTER OF COMPUTER and INFORMATION SCIENCES SERVICE RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT ASSIGNMENT ONE Semester 1, 2015 Implementation of Web Analytics Maturity model on  Aim: Case study on using web analytics maturity model which overcome the pros & cons of the online customer service system.  Abstract: In this case study, we are defining a scenario as a client where Trade Me which is New Zealand’s giant and how online auction & transaction is improvised by using Web Analytics. Clients site usability and experience is enhance by applying the science and Web analytics methodology. It is a science in light of the fact that it utilizes statistics, data mining systems, and a methodological process. Online marketing deals with huge web investigation for the validation and verification purpose that reduces cybercrime, hence Web Analytics Maturity Model makes it more precise, straightforward and accomplished to define variables that can be implemented in online transactions. While we focus on the certifiable state of Trade Me business for the majority of the part, the future will totally regard the benefits of the business investigation & system streamlining that are outside the area of web advancing.  Introduction: According to Stephen Hamel(Hamel, 2009), web analytics is defined as “The extensive utilization of quantitative & subjective information (Principally, however not restricted to online information), measurable investigation,
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