Essay on Implications of Classroom Management

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Running head: Implications for Classroom Management Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Phedelia Singleton Grand Canyon University EDU-536 Classroom Engagement and Management December 21, 2011 Ethics is a word for human behavior which includes classroom behavior. Ethical behavior is a realm of classroom ethics. In every complex society proper ethical is difficult, but it starts when a child is young. The implications below are a few of many ethical principles in the classroom which are significant among our students today. Teaching Ethics: The Role of the Classroom Teacher For many years, ethical development (children’s character or moral development) has been a controversial topic. It…show more content…
The silence would be detrimental because a student who is not responding would become bored, experience apathy towards the teaching process and deprived themselves the benefit of strategic learning and engaging. The student would be self – absorbed, have a need for compassion and encourage participating. The possible reason students participate in silence the classroom is because they are experiencing low self – esteem. Developing an Ethic of Care in the Classroom Teacher step into the classroom of making a difference in students’ lives by demonstrating. The care maybe demonstrated by a number of ways depending on the teaching style. Caldwell (1999) noted, “Teachers show students that care were reflected in four distinctive themes. Student-Oriented, Work Oriented, Engaging Students and Active. These themes can be useful insights into students gaining care from their teacher. The Student- Oriented Teacher treats students with respect through individual uniqueness. A person name gives the student a sense of identity. Often teacher will get names confused by calling students a family member name. Modeling to students is another way of showing respect. As well as sharing compliments through repetition. Respect is not naturally given by students in the classroom setting. A student oriented teacher shows their students that they believe in them.
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