Importance Of Enterprise Resource Planning

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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is explained as a central data collection with wide distribution, so as compared to functional system instead of having several databases for individual departments with disconnected spreadsheets ERP can bring everything together for all users from top management to CEO to accounts payable clerks to work on same data derived through common processes. ERP had certain security level to verify the data security and its correction. ERP can be a difficult task, it takes more than months to setup and it costs more than software and hardware, but if everything is prepared with proper resources than implementation of ERP system can be completed with in budget in a proper or required time frame and deliver …show more content…

4-step project design process requires customer seeking participation seeking to benefit from a new ERP utilized by brett Group as follow: Step 1: Identify and document goals and requirements Strategic goals Strategic goals or reasons for turning over to new ERP system must be mentioned clearly, for example if the company is accelerating and if the growth in accounting needs to be accommodated with current staffing level, so as this step can help determining the return on investment from new system. Functional requirements Functional requirements for ERP implementation is identifying key business processes, which not only includes critical activities which keeps record of cash flow and supply chain but also includes business management reports and indicators. Requirement of documentation of these process includes or vary from process flow diagram to simple or descriptive paragraphs called user story. A user story is one of the methods to documents the requirements and is one of the easiest method to prepare and simple to understand. User story describes who, what and why questions from user’s perspective. Below is an Example: As a customer support representative, I want to be able to quickly view and track a customer shipment during a phone call, so that I can respond to customer questions during a phone call. Non-functional requirements Non

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