Importance Of Learning The English Language

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What inspires a man to forge his linguistic capabilities of his primary language from sub-rudimentary level, into an art form? Well, as I am only a singular individual, I cannot answer for the entirety of society, but I can give you a record of a period of my life that motivated me to attempt to excel at learning the English Language. So, what inspired me to learn the English Language better than what I knew beforehand? The answer is not as straight forward. I had many things that happened to me around the same time, the first event was my experiences in Speech and Debate. The Second was what I learned in English Class and History Class. Finally, was me learning military tactics, and philosophy. All of these events helped me to come to the conclusion that in order to be an excellent leader and be a persuasive speaker or writer, one must know the language of his subordinates, peers, and superiors, and be able to communicate effectively with them. When I was fourteen, I started to attend a speech and debate club. It took a lot of hard work, in order to prepare for the tournaments. I remember that there would be weeks leading up to the tournaments that I would only get 18 hours of sleep a week, in order to have all of my research done. (Just a note that I did not procrastinate on my work) Many people in my club noticed how well I prepared for the tournaments; however they saw me perform horridly at the tournaments, mostly due to my lack of understanding. After my first year

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