Importance Of Organic Food

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The purpose of this research paper is to explain the reason importance of organic and the difference of it compared to natural, and inorganic agriculture systems. Have you ever wondered why organic food cost a little bit more than regular food? We have always thought that it was healthier in some ways but it all taste the same to me. The word organic means food that it is not chemically modified, from the taste to how it’s grown there are one hundred percent no chemicals in it. When you think of organic some words that come to mind might be expensive, healthier, and shorter shelf life. These are all important factors but let's dive into the process of how this food gets to be called organic. In this essay we are going to explain the difference of organic and conventional food.
First, we are going to talk about organic agriculture. The first thing that farmers do before planting more crops is reviving the soil, by this I mean that they plow the soil so those nutrients are still being used and place manure which fertilizes and sustains the plant. After that the farmers do things like; hand weeding, mechanical control, use mulches, cover crops, crop rotation and dense planting which is a great alternative than using pesticides and also takes more time and work. On Jane Plant told her story and said, “I eliminated all dairy products from my diet immediately - I had been eating organic yogurt to help my digestive tract recover from the chemotherapy, but I also

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