Importance Of Physical Learning Environment

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Physical learning environment is the factor which the students are most familiar with because most of the students spend their times in the classroom, workplaces such as laboratories, library, and other outdoor places. The physical learning environment is what the teachers have to consider in the first place before they actually start teaching. Many time spent on thinking and planning is needed to be able to form an effective physical learning environment. In fact, the school and the teachers should consider the physical learning environment solemnly because the effective physical learning environment will trigger the prevention of the misbehaviors of the students and the solution to the misbehaviors of students. In addition, physical learning environment, the place where the education is carried out should be safe and appropriate for the learners. C. S.Weinstein and Junior. A. J. Mignano asserted the six basic elements of physical learning environment. Those six basic elements are “security and protection, as the social context, as a symbolic identifier, as a tool to do the task, having the function of fun and function as a place for student growth” (Weinstein. Mignano. 2003). There are many bad behaviors of students happening by the weakness of physical learning environment. Moreover, M. Tessmer and D. Harris have exhibited three kinds of physical factors of learning environment to improve effective teaching.
The first factor is the importance of learning facilities which

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