Importance Of School Uniforms

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What is better than being organized in the morning, and having enough time to get ready and get to school on time? One way to achieve that is by having schools require their students to wear uniforms during school time. People have formed different opinions regarding uniforms in school. Some support and others oppose them. However, it should go back to the students. Many students in public schools have never tried school uniforms. These students, which include the majority, would not know if it is beneficial to have uniforms or not. Personally, I have been to different types of schools, each with different requirements. Some that required uniforms, and others that didn’t. So, I have gained some experience that allowed me to conclude that…show more content…
Also, the parents benefit from school uniforms because they would not have to buy as much clothes for their children to change every day. The parents have to buy the uniforms only. This causes parents to save more money. Moving on, uniforms provide a learning atmosphere in schools. They remind the students that school is a place for learning, not to show off their clothes. Next, when schools have uniforms, the school would not worry about students not following the dress code. The school knows what the students are wearing. Therefore, it would not have to create a dress code. To add on to that, uniforms reduce distractions because students would not focus on what others are wearing, so they will focus more on their studies. Furthermore, uniforms make school a safer place. Uniforms reduce bullying among students. As I said before, I have attended two different schools: one that required uniforms, and one that doesn’t. I have seen that when uniforms are required, less bullying occurred. This is because all students see each other as being the same, thus reducing bullying based on appearances. In addition, uniforms separate the inside of the school from the outside. They make it easier to identify outsiders and intruders. This decreases the chances of any school attacks, and keeps students safe. Any suspicious person in the school that is caught without a

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