Importance of a Healthcare Facility During a Crisis

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A disaster is a huge issue that requires a lot people to help and a small group will not have enough resources to communicate effectively, especially in a health care setting. Within a health care setting, the staff is responsible for the patients that are in facility. The recommended span of management results in too many leaders and not enough people to actually do the work being located on site at any one time and that is where it counts the most; people helping people, not leadership. Therefore, in a crisis situation, the health care facility should have access to more people helping them where there is mass trauma. The health care facility should be commanded by the CEO of the company who a medical background rather than the police and fire units because they know how to better assess the situation from a medical prospective. This is something that the police and fire units cannot draw from. Non-medical personnel/managers should only make medical decisions during a bioterrorist incident when medical professionals are not there yet in order to assist since it would be a matter of life and death for the victims. The medical facility must have a crisis team assigned so that when and if a crisis happens, they can be organized and prepared for any mass trauma. "This team is essential to identify what actions should be taken. the team should be comprised of individuals who are key to the situation. They should include as a minimum the CEO, the chief of Public Relations,
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