Industry Analysis of Free Mobile Essay

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Marketing Communication Paper 1: Industry analysis Free Mobile in the French Market. I’m an exchange student; I already apologize for my English grammar and spelling. In 2012, a big change came into the French market for mobile operators (such as Fido, or Rogers here). Free, which was an internet suppliers, just launched his mobile service: Free mobile. It is a big revolution in the French market that only had 3 big brands since the mobile service exists, for more than 15 years now: SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Orange. It’s also a revolution because Free came with offers more than 50% less expensive than its competitors, which are according themselves on high prices for such a long time. 1) French mobile operator’s market. Until…show more content…
3) A new comer : Free Mobile a. Iliad & Free : Iliad is a French telecommunication group which was created in 1991, in France by Xavier Niel. They provide loads of services such as internet, call center, websites and more recently mobile communications. The most important brands of Iliad are Free and Alice for the internet, and Free mobile, for the mobile communication. With Free in 1999 they came with a new concept: Xavier Niel already wanted a cheap and accessible internet access, with performance. In 2002 they launched the high speed Free internet with a very cheap price: 29, 99€ all inclusive, with unlimited use of internet, and really fast connectivity. It was already a revolution. In 2009, they finally get the license and the right to have a mobile network in France. Only in 2012 Free Mobile finally came available to everyone with such a revolution: as Mr. Niel said, he does divide the bill by 2 or even more. b. Free Mobile : i. Offers : 19, 99€/month, Unlimited. | 2€/months | Unlimited phone calls in France (home phone and mobile phones), to Dom Tom (fix phones) and to 40 destinations abroad (Europe, Canada and USA on the fix, and just Canada and USA for the mobiles) | For people who don’t have a lot of money or are little consumer. It’s based on the “social price” asked by the government (but others offers are more 10euros) | Unlimited text messages (SMS and MMS) | 60minutes of phone calls, then
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