Information about United Kingdom Organizations Essay

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MedAfrica was developed to address the information gap or "inadequacy in local health content" in Africa in terms of information about common aliments, drugs, and hospital locations.
With freelancing and 'office on the road' becoming popular trends among employees, Work+ aims to address the growing demand for working environment outside the traditional office space and also increase the utilization of spaces in public areas, such as restaurants and coffee chain shops.
Bus Guru app seeks to address the commuter demand for 'bus-specific, real-time' information on all Transport for London buses, along with bus schedule information, and also holds a first-mover advantage in this market space.
Addressing the need for locating and fixing road …show more content…

Intelligent London tool empowers various sections of London society to make more informed decisions on education and skills related issues.
By aggregating data on government consultations, the website/app allows users to access information on multiple departments on a single platform and thus stay informed about legislative process.
Allowing users to compare primary schools in UK to make more informed decisions on primary school education is the key challenge addressed by the tool.
On-demand access to critical information in the field, such as map numbers and floodplains, is critical for crisis management teams during flood disasters and flood-related information is critical for real estate agents and prospective home buyers, all of whom form the key customer base for FloodMap.
To meet the growing demand for up-to-date and relevant information about places across UK, Map Squeak provides a crowd-sourced map platform for users to add comments about places and the information is made available to all app users.
Through the in-depth technical data on soils, the tool/app provides an ideal source for building environmental impact assessment (EIA) or strategic environmental assessment (SEA) reports, which are required by EU law for any construction or development projects.
By alerting users about restaurants with poor-hygiene ratings, the app connects users to New York City Health Department data on hygiene violations by restaurants and thus enables them to make informed

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