Innovation And Innovation Of Innovation

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Innovation is commonly identified as the process in which individuals will create and implement unique goods or services in effort to contribute to a substantial growth in success of their company. When companies utilize innovation architecture, they are thinking strategically of ways that will stretch company growth through the phases of divergence and convergence (Skarzynski & Gibson, 2008). Through these phases, leaders of companies not only create a portfolio to identify an abundance of diverse alternatives, but they are also seeking out patterns in which the company can make a selective choice about which direction is most appropriate for the success of the company and differentiates itself from all other competitors. Through these phases, companies today have been able to display how leaders have shaped an innovation portfolio, which brought coherence and consistency to all opportunities for growth. Moreover, while expanding on potential growth opportunities, leaders will focus on ways to facilitate innovation in creative ways to where it does not splinter the resources of that company. Such companies that have instilled elements to support the culture of innovation through management systems and styles, and capitalize on innovation and intrapreneurship, include Apple, Starbucks, and Google. The active elements that Apple has consistently implemented to support innovation includes the elements of secrecy and the value of accepting the work of creative individuals.
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