Inspiration is the Key to Achievement Essay

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The road to success of every achiever is filled with ample inspiration, something more powerful than words can describe, something that unbelievably plays such an important role in how someone approaches their lifetime goal, in how someone thinks, how someone acts, and how times fly, and how the world spinning around someone is – whether it is dynamic, hectic, chaotic, moderate, or deliberate. Without this incredible thing that may seem to be imaginary and invisible to some people, life would be just a game without the finishing line, but with this so-called magical thing in your palms, you could be driven to achieve your goals more briskly, effectively, and energetically – just like how you would arrive to your destination faster if you …show more content…
What I admire is not his wrong steps in the politics but it is his quality. I firstly heard of his name through out his wide range of lucrative businesses, namely UBC, GSM, and other Satellite and technology businesses.

Thaksin is just like other over achievers, in terms of having inspiration and something to hold on to, because without them, such achievements would not have been set as goals. According to Thaksin’s autobiography, he mentioned about this guy who was his first and greatest inspiration to him that he always looked up to as his blueprint and was a big part of molding Thaksin into the person he is today and creating his success story.

“The most outstanding thing I inherited from my father is his business pattern in the risky, adventurous style, that he liked to try new things and is craving for new technology and innovation, and most importantly, he worked with ‘imagination’” (Shinawatra, 1999)

Thaksin learned so many things from his father, Lerd Shinawatra, throughout the picture of him he saw in his childhood, such as his father’s challenging personality, and how he liked to innovate and start new things without fear. His father taught him to learn things throughout real experiences and getting hands on things. This oldest little son was like the shadow of his father, which followed him everywhere his father went to. He found tagging along his father fun and enjoyable because whatever his father touched always
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