Integrating New Technology Into The Classroom - The Interactive Whiteboard

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Schools are constantly looking for an edge that will help their students to succeed. One way that schools accomplish this difficult task is by integrating new technology into the classroom. Often times, the decision on which technology to incorporate is driven by trends rather than research. Schools are always in the process of upgrading their technology, often looking at what everyone else is purchasing and then following in their footsteps. Currently, one piece of hardware that many school districts are investing money in is interactive whiteboards. These boards allow the teacher to easily integrate technology into their classroom. With all of the money being spent on interactive white boards, are they really an effective tool? …show more content…

There are many advantages that a student who learns in a classroom with an interactive whiteboard will experience. Students in the class enjoy learning while using the board because it increases their enjoyment and motivation in the lesson. Students today have grown up with technology and enjoy being a part of it, whether it is watching it or interacting with it. “Children of the 21st century have been part of a multi-media world from birth, and as a result they are comfortable with such technologies and this experience can be exploited in the learning environment.” (Hall & Higgins, 2005, p. 106) Students are also more willing to participate in class when there is an interactive white board. One reason for this is that students enjoy touching the board and manipulating objects. Most students are familiar with technology and find some of the activities on the board similar to video games that they are accustom to playing. Students who are at the board have the opportunity to interact with concepts being taught and this interaction, can lead to classroom discussion. Students want to be apart of what they are learning and feel that their thoughts are valued, one way for this to happen is through open classroom discussion. When a student feels as if they have an opinion of what is being learned instead of just being handed the information from the teacher, they experience an increase in motivation in their learning process.

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